» My favourite story about the iPhone

John Gruber da Charlie Rose:

My favourite story about the iPhone, and I remember from the last year, I read this thing: it was a profile in The New Yorker of Clayton Christensen – The Innovator’s Dilemma guy – and it was just as an aside and he mentioned that he got the iPhone wrong, because when it first shipped in 2007 he predicted that it would be a failure because it was so expensive, and that disruption tends to come from below, not from above. […] He realized he was completely wrong and it’s because the iPhone – and I think this is such a brilliant insight – it’s not really a phone, it’s a little mini-portable computer, and what this thing did was disrupt the portable computer industry from below only a couple hundred bucks. And now, all of a sudden, all these things people used to need – a full laptop computer running Windows or Mac OS X to do email, to read webpages, to watch videos – everybody’s doing ‘em on these things.

Link pubblicato da il 23 settembre 2012