iPad Air (the Good and the Bad)

As of this writing, I've been using my iPad Air for a couple of weeks; this is my first iPad ever, and I'm ready to write my (unasked for) first impressions. Instead of delivering a long boring article about my experience — why would you care? — I came up with list. Because you like lists. We all do. Also, I'm lazy. As usual, I'm going to write things as they come to my mind, therefore you won't find any of the usual reviewish stuff.

As a sidenote: I wrote this piece on the iPad itself, and the photos embedded below have been imported and edited on the iPad too… Continua la lettura.

The Perfect Script Writing Workflow

I was very exited when I discovered the Fountain.io syntax. I’m a huge Markdown lover and the idea of being able to write a film script without having to worry about formatting, fonts and layout issues was a dream come true. The biggest benefit of this approach, for me, was that now I could finally start to write my scripts with iA Writer, my text editor of choice. To have a perfectly formatted PDF script I just needed to export my text file with one of the Fountain compatible apps. I chose Highland by John August, Nima Yousefi, and Ryan Nelson: it’s well designed, easy to use, and fast… Continua la lettura.